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In the season finale of the show, I interview Takisha Jacobs and Loria Perez from Bullets4Life Indiana and Connect 2B the Change.  Loria and Takisha are no strangers to pain and grief.  Both of them “Angel Mothers,” a term they ascribe to parents in their shoes; they have both had children die from gun violence.  Faced with a fork in the road, they both had to make decisions as to what they would do with that pain and brokenheartedness.  Both of them decided to look past their own personal grief to the grief being felt by their children’s friends and by the community at large.  Together, Loria and Takisha provide space for young people who don’t have anywhere to turn when things get tough.  They decided to do their part to prevent what happened to their kids from happening to other people’s kids.  To quote the book “I Can’t Go on I’ll Go On” these strong young women have chosen to lean into the pain and as they say “Turn pain into purpose.” 

After the podcast, I showed them around the property.  It was a beautiful day and together, they invited me to disarm a bullet in a symbolic gesture of faith that we can move forward without violence if we only choose to.  Thanks for tuning in 🙂

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