Local non-profit taking bullets off the streets, re-purposing them into jewelry

By:Tiffany Salameh

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A South Bend non-profit group is working to keep bullets off the street.

The group called Bullets 4 Life is taking the “life” out of bullets. They’re taking donations of bullets, popping them and taking the gun powder out and repurposing them into jewelry.

“We take bullets, as many bullets as possible. We’ve taken over 700 bullets off the streets,” Tekisha Jacobs said, the Senior Ambassador for Bullets 4 Life. “We have to do something with the bullets so we make these accessories and donate them.”

They pop the bullets using a special tool and a hard surface. Jacobs demonstrates in the above video.

 “I’m going to stick this bullet inside of this little ring, set it down inside of the bullet puller. You screw the top on and then you hit it. There you have a lifeless bullet.”

Taking bullets off the street is something important to Jacobs, having lost her son Abdul, a Riley High School football player, to gun violence in 2017.

“The mission is personal for me. We are trying to find a way to reduce the gun violence in the city.”

If you have bullets you’d like to donate, you can contact Bullets 4 Life through their Facebook page.

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