De’Aunte Henderson

“Connect 2 Be the Change has impacted my life by opening up my eyes and my mind. It has inspired me to make better changes in my life and with my decision making. I battle with PTSD and depression, so a lot of my days are more difficult than regular ones, but being able to talk with Ms. Keisha and doing the group therapy helps me get through my journey a little easier. Just being able to give somebody that kind of trust and not have to worry about them judging you or manipulating you of your problems is the best thing anybody could ask for. Especially being where I’m from (South Bend) because not really many people care to take their time to help deal with people like me and many other’s problems. I give thanks to Connect 2 Be the Change. They are a really great impact on my life and I’m sure others as well.”
Nasir Wells
“I help the organization by being an interactive and outspoken member. I enjoy being apart development conversation, new activities, and conversation regarding growth. I enjoy the company of everyone in our organization, and love to communicate with everyone like family. Also I’m striving towards self growth and sustainability, one of our goals.”
Amiya Cross
“My name is Amiya I have been involved with connect to be the change & Bullets 4 Life Indiana since the start. I Help put events together I am involved with group therapy and I would like to be a pediatric nurse when I grow up and I enjoy making people smile.”
Antonia Martinez
“When I work with the organization I help out with pretty much what ever they need or ask me to . And I love doing I wrote a poem and spoke at a protest . Walk and handed out flyers for the Neighborhood. Or even braid little girls hair I love helping and being involved . I’m currently in school  working to have a career in Criminal justice.”
Deja Glenn
“What it means to me be involved with Connect 2 Be the Change & Bullets 4 Life Indiana, it means a lot to me. It makes me feel like a better person as well. Just watching others  have a smile on their face and you was part of the reason why is an amazing feeling . In the future I would like both Connect 2 Be the Change and Bullets 4 Life reach out to more cities.”
Terryck Tyler
“Well first off 😂 I gotta be like one the biggest supporters of the organization I love it I’m all for it an all over it when it comes to helping out❤ an as far as what i wanna be i just wanna live life momma but i wanna open a daycare for rabs.”
“My name is Frankie and I Help The Organizations By Always Being There To Support The Change In The Community And Make The Streets A Safer Place For Kids To Grow Up. Somewhere Down The Line In The Future I See Myself Still Helping With #Connect2BeTheChange While Trying To Start My Own Branch Of Giving Back To The Community.”
Ameya Cross

“My name is Ameya, I would like to be a Defense Attorney when I grow up. and I help with the organization at their meetings and I also help Takisha and Loria at their giveaways, they also help a lot and are very easy to talk to! I’m so happy that Takisha reached out to me about the organizations that she’s in! “Takisha is my mom”

Jamal Mobley

“Connect To Be The Change Is Truly Family to me. From the wonderful Ladies working Mama Bird Mama Banngo, they have poured out their time, love, and sacrifices to show me a different route. They have believed in me when I doubted myself. Since being apart of this organization I have became an event planner, giving back to my neighborhood, and have notice that there is so much more I would love to do and be.As I’m getting more involved with Connect 2 Be The Change I would  like to start up my own printing business. From T-shirt design, logos, graphic.
Being the change that I want to see is not a bad idea. Especially when you have a full team/family that will support you.”

Kayla Smith

“I love & support Loria (Momma Bird) Takisha (Momma Bangoo) for making everyone comfortable to open up about whatever is on our mind and heart, bringing us together as a family. I’ll love to become a dental hygienist but my heart is leading more towards a mentor for kids & gun violence survivors.

Antonio Carire

“This program has impacted my life to see the hate that we give each other and how our society does not see the real life situations that are affecting our new and old generation it has showed that if I can change so can you if I can help so can everyone it has a meaning more than the title it’s a group a family trying to open eyes to others that gun violence is a serious issue innocent people dying for being somewhere at the wrong time and wrong place I did not grow up to see perfect but at the end of my day my family has my back Bullets 4 Life Indiana & Connect 2 Be The Change has opened me up to be a better me.”